John Yandell

There is a revolution coming that will change tennis coaching and teaching forever. This is the study quantitative bio-mechanics.

Tennis players and coaches like to speak in absolute certainties. They make categorical statements about the technique of the pros as if they truly understood the science behind every aspect of these tremendously complex motions.

The problem is that "science" doesn't yet exist. We have only a handful studies, and the number of studies of the strokes of great players are fewer still. So all those things that pros preach with such absolute certainly are at best informed opinion or speculation.

The science of biomechanics for tennis is in its infancy, but there is a growing body of work, and this work is now beginning to have an impact in the teaching community, and especially in high performance coaching. Eventually this work will turn what we believe and how we teach upside down, probably in ways we won't even anticipate.

In this section, we'll keep you updated on one of the most exciting new frontiers in tennis. You'll find the work of pioneers in the field, such as Bruce Elliot and Duane Knudson, as well as emerging new voices like Brian Gordon and Greg Ryan.

We'll also be sharing some of the quantitative work Advanced Tennis Research is doing that we believe will lead to the development of comprehensive quantitative data on the pro game itself. Over the next decade or two we are going to see an entirely new learning paradigm for coaches and players at all levels.

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