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Queuing's Reign

Mark Winters (All Photos by Mark)

What is life in the Queue really like?

Having attended The Championships for ages, there are a host of things I still don't understand about the tournament, or for that matter, Great Britain.

Communication is the best place to begin because of the catalog of words that may need translation before people are aware of the point being made.

For example: Alright (How Are You?) Clanger (Embarrassing Mistake) Nowt (Nothing) Bloody (Paired with another word such as "Marvelous," A Meaningful Exclamation) Rubbish (Not Believable, A Foolish Statement) Minging (Something Horrible) Chuffed (Pleased With An Achievement); Busking (Panhandling) .

Mark Winters has been a tennis journalist for 50 years. During that time, he has been a staff writer for Florida Tennis, Inside Tennis, Tennis Magazine, Tennis Life and Tennis Week. His freelance articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, and USA Today.

He has also contributed features to numerous other tennis and media outlets worldwide. Mark played on both the intercollegiate and professional levels. He coached college tennis and was a US Boys' Junior Davis Cup Team coach, working with Pete Sampras and Jim Courier among others.

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