Maximizing Player and Coach Relationships: Part 1

Kyle LaCroix

A coach can be the most influential person in your life outside of your parents.

When looking back at the most influential people in your life outside of your parents, you are most likely going to remember a teacher or a coach. In school players typically spend more time with coaches than individual teachers.

The coach can be a primary caregiver. He or she can provide security, safety and emotional support.

The athlete/coach relationship is also a performance factor that can be more important than all other factors. When the athlete/coach relationship is maximized, athletes feel more comfortable pushing their boundaries, taking risks to improve performance, and giving 100% effort.

In 2019 my company SETS Consulting did a study in conjunction with Stanford University. We interviewed 98 male and female professional and collegiate athletes that had all played under championship coaches.

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Kyle LaCroix is a USPTA and PTR Certified Professional as well as receiving his United States Center For Coaching Excellence (USCCE) Certification. He has been a featured speaking at numerous Industry Conferences.

Kyle has experience working with ATP/WTA and NCAA collegiate players at each level of their competitive careers and at every stage of their professional and personal development. He is recognized throughout the industry as a reliable, hardworking, genuine presence. Kyle utilizes great people skills and is an exceptional communicator. He understands the important roles and responsibilities that federations, coaches and players carry with them on a daily basis.

He holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Stanford University

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