The Spin Dial

Weston Reese

Here is a succinct, wonderful article on forehand spin variations from my teaching colleague and good friend Weston Reese. We've looked in detail at the windshield wiper finish and how it relates to spin many times. (Click Here for one presentation of that.)

That work has focused primarily on the forward swing and followthrough. In this article Weston shows you how to set all that up by focusing on the backswing and the angle of the racket face. He also explains how it applies across the range of forehand grips. I like it a lot!

John Yandell

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Weston Reese is Director of Tennis Emeritus at the Bay Club in South San Francisco. He has been a teaching pro and tennis director for over 40 years, and a USPTA certification tester for 35. Weston grew up playing tennis in El Paso, Texas and played varsity tennis at the university there. He continues to play competitively and recently won a national doubles title with his old high school teammate and long term doubles partner Sal Castillo.

You can reach him at

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