What’s Tennis Con?

John Yandell

Peter Freeman, left, and some of the other presenters at Tennis Con.

This year I submitted the video piece below on Ultimate Fundamentals for Tennis Con. What is Tennis Con? That was my question.

Tennis con is a free online tennis conference coming up later this month October 16 through October 20. Numerous well known coaches and analysts are offering video segments on all aspects of the game. You register and then you have 48 hours to view them for free. If you just love any of them you also have the option to buy, but no up front money is needed and there is no obligation.

Who is participating? People including Tennisplayer contributors Brad Gilbert, Paul Annacone, Mark Kovacs, Jeff Salzenstein, Brent Abel, Joel Drucker, Nick Bollettieri among others. It’s headquartered at John Newcombe’s Tennis Ranch in Texas, and will also feature presentations from him and many of his Australian comrades, including other Grand Slam champions.

There is an emphasis on club and recreational players over 50, but probably most of the info applies across ages and levels. My piece combines Ultimate Fundamental segments on the forehand and the serve, prefaced with a new introduction.

Having spoken at a few dozen coaching conferences over the years I sometimes wish regular players had the chance to watch the presentations of these guys, not just fellow coaches. So Tennis Con kind of bridges that gap.

This is its second year, founded by Georgia based teaching pro Peter Freeman. He is a youtube presence but unlike many of those guys he actually works regularly on the court with students from the college level on down. He is also the man behind the John Newcombe fascinating piece in our mental game section, the Two Minds. (Click Here for that.)

If you have a thirst for tennis knowledge—particularly for free—Tennis Con is probably worth checking out. Click Here to sign up if that sounds interesting. And, if you do, post your review in the Forum please.

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In addition to his role as Editor of Tennisplayer he is the author of the critically acclaimed book Visual Tennis. The John Yandell Tennis School is located in San Francisco, California.

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