Developing World Class Volleys
The Backhand Volley

By Pat Cash

What are the fundamentals of a world class backhand volley?

Last month we took a look at the fundamentals on the forehand volley - as well as some common misconceptions that hold players back. (Click Here.) Now let's do the same on the backhand volley and see how you can develop world class technique for yourself.

As with the forehand, I strongly believe that on the backhand volley you have to really hit through the ball. If you go back to the days of the great Australians who played with wood rackets, you'll see this is how they volleyed. I count myself lucky that these are the players that I grew up watching and learned from.

They had to have great technique, because without it, the ball simply didn't go anywhere. Compared to most modern volleyers, the great volleyers of the past would swing much more through the line of the shot. So you'd see players like Rod Laver take a very aggressive forward swing when possible.

Today, however, with the modern rackets, players can get away with a lot and still put the ball somewhere in the court. They can make off center contact without getting properly positioned for the shot. So in the modern game, ironically, it may be easier to volley, but the volley is far less effective.

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Pat Cash is an elite player in tennis history, having won more than 400 tour matches, and 19 singles and doubles titles over a 15 year career. In the early 1980's he was the number one junior player in the world, winning at both Wimbledon and the U.S.Open. In 1987 he won the men's singles title at Wimbledon defeating Mats Wilander, Jimmy Connors, and, in the final, Ivan Lendl, a match considered one of the greatest examples of attacking tennis ever played in a Grand Slam final. Today he continues to compete successful on the senior tour. We are thrilled to have Pat as a contributor to!

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