John Yandell

Few topics in playing and coaching are as complex, confusing--and generally overlooked--as footwork and court movement.

In this section of Tennisplayer, we are beginning to redress that problem by looking closely at every aspect of how player's move--and should move--in all dimensions of play.

Bob Hansen was far ahead of his time when he and I first worked together over 10 years ago presenting his "controversial" theories of how to position to the ball. It's similar to what happened to Jim Loehr's theories of mental toughness. The things Bob understood a long time ago are no longer considered controversial. They've been widely adopted and used by the world's top coaches.

Michael Friedman is another is a long list of talented North California teaching pros who have made important contributions to teaching theory, and to this site. His series on footwork sheds new light on the critical function of the ready position, explains how the first two steps can dramatically increase your quickness, and analyzes a variety of more complex movements used by the pros to deal with the wide variety of balls faced in actual play.

This is an area where we hope Tennisplayer will make a significant contribution to the game. They'll be a lot more to come, not only from Bob and Michael, but from Australian Coach David Bailey and others, stay tuned!

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