Why I Like the Pinpoint

Pat Dougherty

Jannik Sinner: the benefits of the pinpoint stance outweigh the negatives.

As the "Serve Doctor" based out of IMG Academy, my longtime friend John Yandell asked me to weigh in on the debate over whether the platform or pinpoint stance is better.

I'm often asked, "Who's got the best serve?" First off, the effectiveness of serve technique involves many aspects beginning with the holding of serve capability. As a weapon, you can over-power the returner, you can win with placement precision and strategic use of the full array of serves beyond flat power integrating topspin, slice and kick serves.

Lastly, managing a healthy first serve percentage along the way to not live too often off your second serve starting too many points. So, it's not an easy measurement of just power threat and chosen style of serve technique.

As most of you are aware, all servers begin the motion with some variation of a platform stance with feet separated. Pinpoint stance occurs while loading the motion into set-to-launch position as the toss arm extends upward, and the backfoot repositions forward next to the front foot.

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Pat's association with the IMG Academy extends back to 1985, when he created the first off-court Hi-Tech program. Hi-Tech was an all-encompassing, video intensive off-court experience where students were able to explore every fundamental aspect of tennis. Pat's work at the Academy contributed in the development of many elite players including Kei Nishikori, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Tommy Haas, Monica Seles, Maria Sharapova and Nicole Vaidisova.

Also known as the "Serve Doctor", Pat produced the "Serve Doctor presents M.P.H." (Click Here.) In 1990, Pat received a patent for his Athletic Performance Belt, a training device which tennis commentator Mary Carillo referred to as, "a major breakthrough for developing tennis athletes". (Click Here.)


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