High Speed Archive

John Yandell

We are incredibly excited to be adding an entirely new High Speed High Definition Archive to Tennisplayer!

What is the difference between our High Speed Archives and our regular Stroke Archive? More information and more understanding!

Our regular Archive is an awesome resource because the footage was filmed using high speed shutters of 1/1000 of a second or faster. The shutter is what freezes the player and the racket so you see what really happens in the stroke.

But the High Speed Archives takes this clarity to a new level. This is because, in addition to the high speed shutter, they are filmed at much higher frame rates. The current High Speed Archive was filmed at 250 frames per second. That's 8 times more images per minute than regular video.

And the New High Speed Archive? Up to 500 frames per second and full high definition! It's the same high definition superslow motion you see in network sports. Just hundreds more examples, examples you can control frame by frame.

What does all this mean?

It means you can actually see the contact. It means you have a much better look at the critical frames around the contact and throughout the stroke. Costly to produce? Yes. Technically challenging to render so beautifully? Yes. Worth it? More than. It's the most advanced video resource available anywhere in the world for studying the best players in the world—and we are proud to say that it's only on Tennisplayer.net.

The only place you can find it is here on Tennisplayer. Click here to Become a Subscriber!