A Personal Message From
John Yandell

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Understanding the game. Understanding how to play the game. Keeping an open mind. Learning more. Finding joy in that process. Playing inspired tennis and moving your level upward, toward your potential.

My Goal

That was my goal in creating Tennisplayer fifteen years ago - and it hasn't changed. I get a lot of satisfaction from this quest to unravel the mysteries of the game in all dimensions--and to share that with you in our magazine.

Today Tennisplayer has thousands of subscribers, including players and coaches from over 100 countries around the world. Why? Because Tennisplayer gives you access to a high level inside world, a world filled with powerful new information and training techniques--a world you simply can't access anywhere else.

Since we launched Tennisplayer, the internet has been flooded with tennis information and gurus. There is a ever increasing torrent of information of that varies wildly in quality and credibility.

The Original, Unequalled Resource

But there is still only one Tennisplayer. It remains the unchallenged source for original, credible teaching information: the work of the great coaches in the world - the ones you already know, and the ones you that you will. Work that is available nowhere else.

This has been one of the greatest satisfactions of this journey: helping shape the work of the most influential coaches in tennis for our magazine--and discovering the exciting and important new voices and giving them a platform to speak for the first time.

On Tennisplayer: the revolutionary 3D work of Dr. Brian Gordon

On Tennisplayer, you'll find the major developmental figures in the sport like Robert Lansdorp, Rick Macci, Nick Bollettieri, Allen Fox, Pat Etcheberry, and Jim Loehr, among others. And you'll find an entirely new generation of coaches like Chris Lewit, David Bailey, Craig Cignarelli, Doug Eng, and Mark Kovacs.

You'll find my own extensive analysis of our incredible high speed footage and how to apply what is happening in the pro game to your tennis in the Advanced Tennis section.

Revolutionary Research

You'll find the absolutely revolutionary research and coaching approach of Dr. Brian Gordon who has set new standards for understanding the game through his 3D research. You'll find classic lessons from some of the most creative, inspirational and successful teaching pros in the game, like Scott Murphy and Kerry Mitchell.

You'll find no holds barred commentary on the Tour from Matt Cronin, among others, and an incredible still photo library from our new digital photographer Mark DaCunha as well as other legendary photographers such as J. Gregory Swendsen.

Talk to Us!

Tennisplayer high speed video: study the invisible game frame by frame.

In our Interactive Forum you can talk with me and many of our other coaches directly, as well as comment on the unique stroke sequences of pro players we analyze each month. Unlike any other messages board in tennis, our Forum includes embedded visuals of the strokes and players actually under discussion.

But all that still only adds up to half of the value of Tennisplayer. Our new High Speed Stroke Archive of the world's best players is the only source for high speed high definition clips, recorded at up to 500 frames per second, that allow you to study pro technique frame by frame - something that is impossible with all other internet clips. At 10 times or more the speed of television video, the Tennisplayer Archives allow you see the game that is literally invisible to the naked eye. Click Here to go to our new Free Tour page and sample this amazing resource for yourself.

Side by Side with the Pros

And now in a series of new articles, we take the value of these archives to the next level, showing you how to study your own game side by side with the pros - all without buying expensive additional software. But there is more, because in the last two years we have added a Patterns Archive, that allows you to study not only the strokes, but the patterns of winning points of the world's best players.

On Tennisplayer decide for yourself what you believe and how to develop your game.

Although it is a fantastic, multi-dimension resource, we won't pretend Tennisplayer has all the answers--or that everyone who contributes is in perfect harmony and agreement. That would be impossible--and it wouldn't forward our understanding of the game. But what it does do is stimulate the flow of information, discussion, and reasonable argument.

Discover What You Believe!

The fact is every tennis player has to discover what he or she really believes, and the direction in which to develop his or her own game. I think this is what separates a tennis player from someone who just plays tennis.

A tennis player loves learning to understand the game almost as much as playing it. The more you develop and improve, the less these seem like different things. So thanks for subscribing - or just considering it. We know we are giving you something very special and we want to hear how it impacts your life as a tennis player!