Flowing in the Zone

Ben Loeb

Tom Brady seems to live in a state of flow.

You perform in the zone when you are performing at your best and it seems to come without great or deliberate effort. Another name for the zone is flow state.

One great example isTom Brady, the New England Patriots' great quarterback, who appears to always be in a flow state. His progressions in looking for the open receiver seem to happen automatically.

It seems similar for Roger Federer, arguably the best tennis player ever. Roger trusts his rhythm and timing, playing instinctually seemingly without much conscious thought. As he has gotten older, he has maintained his high level of play without much "effort."

The idea of "flow" or being "in the zone" is associated with what Jim Loehr first called the ideal performance state. (Click Here.) It's a state of effortless effort and complete focus.

Here are some characteristics of being in the zone or being in a state of flow.

Being totally absorbed in the moment. Being fully emotionally engaged. Feeling confident in your ability to respond to challenging situations. A sense of freedom, joy, and fun, of almost welcoming obstacles.

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Ben Loeb has been the varsity tennis coach for the boys' and girls' teams at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, Missouri for over 30 years. His teams have won more than 1000 dual matches, made 38 appearances in the final four of the state team championships, and won 17 state titles. Been also teaches a high school sports psychology class and has used the principles he has developed to help hundreds of players to overcome the mental and emotional challenges of playing winning competitive tennis.

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