Walking the Mental Game Talk:
Looseness and Focus

Jeff Greenwald

In part two of this series on the mental aspects of winning a gold ball, Jeff Greenwald explains two factors that went into his run to his third national men's 40 and over title. (Click Here for Part 1) This article explains how he specifically trained for the tournament to play as loose as he possibly could, how he maintained and reestablished that looseness under pressure, and then how later in the tournament he combined that with the ability to narrow his focus at pivotal moments in the later rounds.

There are a ton of mental game cliches and it's easy to say them. Putting real tools to work in real matches is different. See how it's done by a champion who has walked the talk and how you can do it too regardless of your age or level.

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Jeff Greenwald, M.A., MFT is a nationally recognized sport psychology consultant. Jeff has worked as a consultant for the United States Tennis Association and trains numerous players around the world on the mental game. As a player in the men's 35 and over age division he attained an ITF #1 world ranking, as well as the #1 ranking in men's singles and doubles in the United States.

Greenwald is the author of "The Best Tennis of Your Life" published by Betterway. Click Here to order. Jeff has a private practice based in San Francisco and Marin County, California. He can be reached at 415-640-6928 or by email at jeff@mentaledge.net. You can also visit Jeff's website at www.mentaledge.net.

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