The Loser's Edge

Kyle LaCroix

Even the great players are emotionally vulnerable after losses.

After any loss any serious competitive player is emotionally vulnerable. He has to make choices about how to view what happened, choices that are as critical or more critical than technique or any other aspect of the game in his development as a tennis player and as a person.

Even if you are among the statistically insignificant percentage of tennis players good enough to make a living from pro tournament prize money, you will lose. Take the case of Mr. Roger Federer.

Federer has lost over 200 pro matches. That's the equivalent of about 3 years of tour matches! And Federer is among the winingest players in tennis history.

Those kinds of loses can be very painful. They can drive players off the tour--as happened to Bjorn Borg after his last attempt to win the U.S. Open ended in a bitter loss to John McEnroe in 1981.

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Kyle LaCroix is the Chief Education Officer of SETS Consulting. Specialized Educational Tennis Solutions (SETS) is a coaching and educational service for elite coaches, competitive players and tennis institutions/federations.He provides tactical and technical expertise in the area of professional development, management of career growth and player improvement. He is one of less than 200 USPTA Master Professional in the world, as well as a PTR Certified Professional. He also has receiving his United States Center For Coaching Excellence (USCCE) Certification. He has been a featured speaker at numerous Industry Conferences.

Kyle has experience working with ATP/WTA and NCAA collegiate players at each level of their competitive careers and at every stage of their professional and personal development. He understands the important roles and responsibilities that federations, coaches and players carry with them on a daily basis.

Kyle also holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Stanford University.

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