You Can Get There From Here:
Part 10

Barry Buss

My Saudi Prince Khalid Mohammed bin Saad.

Summertime, after my last talk with Coach about my future at UCLA. I'm about to head over to a new job, teaching tennis in my old hometown of Torrance on cracked public park courts with metal nets to a bunch of beginners, all for 6 bucks an hour when the phone rang.

It was Coach. He had a job for me, teaching members of the Saudi Arabian royal family who were staying in Beverly Hills for the summer. They wanted to learn tennis and would I be interested?

Hell to the yes, I said. I called the number immediately.

It was the estate of Prince Khalid Mohammed bin Saad, who was looking for a tennis pro and could I come to his house that afternoon. I said absolutely I could. Hanging up the phone, I instantly called my other job, quitting it before I ever started.

That afternoon, I rolled up to the Prince's house in my 65 VW Bug. The property was called the Foothill Estate. I could tell you all about it, but just look it up.

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Growing up in Boston and Los Angeles, Barry became a national ranked junior player at the age of 12, and a member of the elite USTA Junior Davis Cup Team. As a college player he tied the legendary Jimmy Connors 22 match win streak at UCLA. He is now an independent teaching pro working in Franklin, Tennessee.

You Can Get There From Here

The harrowing tale of an American junior tennis standout's descent into alcoholism, addiction, bipolar disorder, and eventual hospitalization and his journey toward healing and recovery. Essential reading if you care about alcoholism, recovery and mental health, with competitive tennis forming the backdrop of Buss' life.

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