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Every issue - as well as all back issues and our complete archives - are fully phone and tablet friendly - and gorgeous! You can access Tennisplayer anywhere in the world you can get a signal. And learn how to use it directly on court.

In an exclusive instructional series, we show you how to compare your strokes in high speed video side by side with the best players in the world without having to buy expensive cameras and software! It's difficult to understand how much is really on Tennisplayer until you explore for yourself!

Unmatched Lessons

First, our unmatched lesson articles. Every month we publish the latest work from the best coaches in the world.

Want to see Tennisplayer creator John Yandell's analysis of our phenomenal high speed pro footage and how to use it to raise the quality of your game?

See John Yandell's analysis of the strokes top players and how to incorporate pro technique into your game.

Want to learn from world famous development coaches in tennis, legends like Robert Lansdorp, Rick Macci, and David Bailey and gifted younger coaches like Chris Lewit?

Want to take lessons take from the world's best working teaching pros like Scott Murphy and Kerry Mitchell? Want to study quantitative biomechanical analysis of optimum technique with Brian Gordon?

Train All Dimensions!

Want to train your mental game with the world's top psychologists like Jeff Greenwald, Jim Loehr, and Allen Fox? Want to develop a strength and conditioning program engineered by the super elite trainers like Mark Kovacs or Pat Etcheberry?

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Our coaches are the leading experts in stroke development, strategic play, the mental game, physical training, high performance coaching and every other area.

It's all exclusively on Tennisplayer--material you can't find anywhere else. And in our archives, you have complete access to the entire body of their life's work.

Phenomenal Stroke Archives

We have high speed stroke archives of all the top players, including current Grand Slam Champions Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray, as well as Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and many others. These archives, exclusively on Tennisplayer are filmed in live match play--not practice--and allow you to view the strokes of top players from multiple angles at up to 500 frames per second. Click Here to see the samples! Tennisplayer is the only place in the world where you study the greatest players in high def, high super slow motion video.

And unlike the inferior medium of free clips on the internet, Tennisplayer clips allow you to study these players frame by frame - a must to really understand the incredibly dynamic motions we call tennis strokes. And now in our patterns archives you can study how these great players put their amazing strokes together to win points and matches.

In the last few years, the internet has been flooded with instructional material of every kind and quality. Some of it is phenomenally overpriced, covers only one aspect of the game, and/or is the work self-styled experts without the background or experience to understand or teach the game.

The Greatest Value

In this world of conflicting claims and information overload Tennisplayer is the most complete, powerful learning resource ever created. And easily the best value! The cost of a year's subscription to Tennisplayer is about the same as one Starbuck's latte a week, easily as tasty, and with a far more long lasting effect. You won't have to waste time scouring the internet because Tennisplayer brings you the reliable information you need every month.

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