What Are Customized Racket Frames?

A.J. Chabria

Pro players play with frames custom made for them by manufacturers.

What's a customized racket frame? There are actually four answers.

First, all the manufacturers make custom frames for their tour players. These are frames made by the factory to a player's specs which can include including changing the stiffness.

You can be certain that these frames are different--often far different--than the frames they want to sell you, but the specific changes are usually kept secret. (For the inside story of what we were able to find out about Rafa Nadal's actual rackets, Click Here.)

Second Variation

A big racket company isn't going to make you custom frames the way they do for tour players. But, the second option is for players to purchase frames made to their exact own specs from smaller specialty companies like Angell. (Click Here.)

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A.J. Chabria, has played, covered, and coached at circuit events all around the globe. After working for over 25 years as Head Pro and Tennis Director at historic clubs in Marin County and Dallas, he now coaches elite players and customizes frames for college, tour and club players. He also serves as a teacher and tester for the USRSA's Master Racquet Technician program. A board member of the Texas division of the USPTA, he is the liaison to the national office of the USPTA Foundation. He is the proud owner of a family vintage racquet collection which goes back three generations dating to 1905.

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