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Nick Saviano

What is the relationship between the pro game and fundamentals at all levels?

A great deal of confusion exists regarding the fundamentals of tennis. The secret is to be able to differentiate the critical fundamentals that transcend all levels of play and styles of hitting.

Furthermore, it is imperative for coaches to be knowledgeable as to what is appropriate for young players given their age and stage of development. Coaches need to understand the progressions in player development in order to do their students justice.

My goal when working with young players is to develop world class fundamentals. That's a term you hear all the time--world class fundamentals--but what does it really mean? From my perspective it means fundamentals that are not going to limit that player in any way, technically, tactically, psychologically. World class fundamentals help players become every thing they can be in all areas of the game.

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Nick Saviano is one of the world's leading developmental coaches and the founder and director of Saviano High Performance Tennis Academy, located in Davie, Florida. A former elite American junior player and a two time All-American at Stanford, Nick played on the professional tour for a decade, was ranked in the top 50 in singles, and had wins over numerous world top 10 players. He is also the former director of men's coaching and coaching education for the USTA. Nick has headlined as a presenter at coaching conventions throughout the world and his critically acclaimed book "Maximum Tennis: 10 Keys to Unleashing Your On-Court Potential" is a best selling instructional title.

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