I've Got Your Back Part 4

Brad Gilbert

In the 1999 French Andre had to dig out 4 times.

Andre Agassi has always been a great front-runner, a less-than great come-from-behind player. That's been true of several of the tennis giants, and the main reason they get away with it is that they just don't have to come from behind very often.

In the 1999 French Open, Andre had to dig himself out of serious holes four times.

In the second round, he played a Frenchman named Arnaud Clement. The weather was hot, the clay was dry, the balls were (comparatively) light. Perfect conditions for Andre. So he wins the first set easily, 6-2, and he's absolutely rolling, playing like a genius.

Now he's up a service break in the second, and he's making it look so effortless, moving Clement left, right, left, right, that the crowd is almost laughing. Then Andre jokes with the crowd, and actually gets them laughing.

And then, somehow, it was as if somebody had thrown a light switch. The next thing you know, Andre's game started going down, down, down, and Clement's game started going up, up, up. Andre was up 4-2 in the second set, and wound up losing four games in a row. The match is all even, and I'm sitting there thinking, "What the hell happened?"

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