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Chris Foy

One is the most common rally length in pro tennis.

Craig O'Shannessey has revolutionized the way knowledgeable coaches think about rally length in pro tennis with statistics showing that 1 and 2 hit points are the norm and that long rallies of 10 plus balls are actually rare. He's already written extensively about it on Tennisplayer. (Click Here.)

But do those numbers apply to the rest of us? To find out I did a statistical study of women's league play in Atlanta, Georgia. The answer was fundamentally yes, but with a critical difference when it came to serve. To start, let me explain how I first discovered Craig's data analysis and how that inspired my own study.


At a coaches' symposium, I found myself sitting in Craig presentation in disbelief. He asked the conference room full of coaches a straightforward question. "What was the most common rally length at the 2015 Australian Open?"

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Chris Foy is an Associate Tennis Professional at Druid Hills Golf Club just outside of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. He holds PTR Professional level certifications in 10 & Under, 11 to17 and Adult Development. Chris and his wife, a 5th grade math teacher, enjoy statistics, numbers and looking for patterns in tennis, other sports, and everyday life. Their life patterns changed in August when they welcomed their first child.

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