Responding to Lobs

Leo Giraldi

The best response to a lob is to crush an overhead winner. But what if the ball gets over you? In this original article for Tennisplayer, renowned Marin county California teaching pro Leo Giraldi demonstrates 4 options. The first two are a defensive groundstroke and the underhand lob. The second two are the Tweener and the Windsider. We see pro players hit these last two and some consider them superfluous trick shots. Leo demonstrates how they are actually legitimate defensive options when there are no others.

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Leo Giraldi is originally from the Cannes area in the French Riviera, where he trained with world class French coach, Guy Lumbruso. He has been in Northern California for 15 years, where he played Open Tennis and began teaching. He worked with Scott Murphy for years at Scott’s Tahoe Tennis Camps, as well as the legendary Lagunitas Tennis Club in Ross, California. For 10 years he has taught students at all levels In Larkspur, California as well as coaching championship high school and league teams. Visit Leo by Clicking Here!

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