Risk Management

Nick Wheatley

Which down the line and when to hit it are critical questions in risk management.

As much as the foundation of your strategy should be built around your strengths and game style, there will always be times in matches where lower percentage shots will be played. These tend to look great when they come off, but are also easily criticized as the wrong shot choice when they end up as an error or gift the opponent an easy route to winning the point.

It's often the down the line shot choice that falls into the risky category. So the first questions to ask are which down the line shots fall into your list of strengths, and which don't?

The ones that don't should only be attempted when there is a real purpose behind the shot choice, such as changing the cross-court pattern. The ones that you feel more comfortable with can be chosen more often, but again ideally with purpose, such as an opportunity to attack into space that you've created with your previous shot.

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Nick Wheatley is an LTA Performance Coach and head coach at Hawker Tennis in south west London. His junior teams, the Hawker Jets, have won 44 competitions since formation, and over the last 2 years alone, his junior players have won 19 singles tournaments between them at county level.

He has been ranked in the top 75 nationally in 35 and over singles and in the top 5 in Surrey county. Nick has done video analysis for numerous players at all levels, including former British Top 10 player Marcus Willis.

His unique teaching video series, covering every aspect of the game, is available on his website www.nickwtennis.com

You can also contact Nick directly via the homepage of his website.

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