Technical Specifications

Technical and Software Specs for Tennisplayer

Tennisplayer is compatible with both PC and Mac desktops and laptops. Important Note! To see the amazing Tennisplayer article animations you will need a Flash player. Most computers have Flash but if you don't see the animations in the articles, Click Here to download.

To view the Stroke Archives just click! We have our own custom player which on a PC will allow you to pause all the strokes and advance frame by frame. Macs come with Quick Time built in and that is the player you will see there that works the same way. We also advise keeping your browser updated. And we recommend Chrome on PC and Safari on Mac.

Tennisplayer is now fully ipad and iphone compatible as well! This means anywhere you can get a signal, you can be on Tennisplayer!

You will be able to see some, most, or all of Tennisplayer on the multitude of different Android devices. Bear with us on that one as there are numerous operating systems and other software differences and complexities. And if you run into problems email us and that will help us improve this compatibility down the line.

iPhone / iPad Settings

To assure that the videos play on your iPhone/iPad, please verify the following settings on your Apple device:

  • Under Settings -> Safari set Private Browsing to 'Off'
  • Under Settings -> Safari set Accept Cookies to 'Always'

Android Devices

Due to the wide variety of Android devices, we are unable to test them all for compatability. However, here is a list of devices our subscribers report work with Tennisplayer:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Kindle Fire
  • Barnes and Noble Nook

Please let us know if you are able to view on a different Android device so we can post it here!

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