Comfort and Power Zones

Dave Hagler

Increasing the range of your comfort zone will increase the range of your power zone.

In the never ending quest to develop better players, coaches need to help players increase the range of their comfort and power zones. Comfort zones describe the range of height where a player can return a shot with confidence.

Power zones are the range where a player can add velocity and/or topspin to an incoming ball. If you increase the range of your comfort zone the range of your power zone will also get bigger.

In prehistoric times, players used wood racquets with strings that were initially gut, but later a variety of materials. The rackets and strings had limited spin and power potential compared to today.

On grass, hard courts and indoor carpet, most balls at or above chest height were low velocity balls. The ball bounced higher on clay than these surfaces, but shots did not have close to the same velocity or spin rates they do today.

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Dave Hagler is a Tennis Professional based in Los Angeles, California. He works with players of all ages, but he has a special passion for junior development. He has coached numerous sectionally and nationally ranked junior players and several national champions. Dave is a USPTA Master Professional and National Tester, a PTR Master of Tennis – Performance, and was one of the first 100 coaches to complete the USTA's High Performance Coaching Program. He has been the USPTA California Division Pro of the Year and one of 5 National Recipients of the “Pro of the Year” award from Head and the PTR.

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