Spacing: Part 4

Dave Hagler

To develop your feel for spacing, start by hitting approaches from a few feet inside the baseline.

In the previous part of the series we looked at slices--but much of what was described applied to shots where players are moving laterally. Let's look at ways to understand and utilize spacing where the movement is more forward, parallel or at least somewhat parallel to the sideline.

As we discussed, there are times when more or less sidespin mixed with underspin can make an approach shot more effective. So I have my students practice hitting different drives and slice approaches from a few feet inside the baseline to a bit inside the service line.

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Dave Hagler is a Tennis Professional based in Los Angeles, California. He works with players of all ages, but he has a special passion for junior development. He has coached numerous sectionally and nationally ranked junior players and several national champions. Dave is a USPTA Master Professional and National Tester, a PTR Master of Tennis – Performance, and was one of the first 100 coaches to complete the USTA's High Performance Coaching Program. He has been the USPTA California Division Pro of the Year and one of 5 National Recipients of the “Pro of the Year” award from Head and the PTR.

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