The Backhand Drop Shot Deconstructed: Key Technical Details

Chris Lewit

Let's explore the various versions of the backhand drop shot for both one handed and two handed backhanders.

In Part 1 (Click Here), we dissected the forehand drop shot. Now let's explore the technique and nuances of the one handed and two handed backhand drop shots. In a third upcoming article I will also share some of my favorite ways to practice soft touch shots.


The grip is almost always a continental grip although some players use an eastern forehand grip. Though two handed players who have a weak eastern forehand grip with their dominant (lower hand)—sometimes use that grip for executing the drop shot.

A grip closer to eastern forehand can also be purposefully used to get more loft and extreme backspin on drop shots. That type of grip can help cut the ball more and generate swerve. It can also be helpful on very low balls because the grip helps to open the racquet face, adding height to the drop shot to clear the net.

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