Two Handed Backhand: Part 3
Developing Your Two-Hander

By Doug Eng, EdD PhD

The pro two-hander—a wide combination of techniques.

In the first two articles in this series, we’ve looked at the surprising variety of techniques in the two-handed backhand. We’ve also looked at which techniques tend to be "associated” in the strokes of top players.

We started with the grips (Click Here), then progressed to the arm positions, the wrist positions, the backswings, and the radius of the swings. (Click Here.) So as a player, or as a coach, what can you learn from all this about hitting or teaching the two-hander? What are the right techniques for your game?

It’s probably not possible to make absolute judgments as to which techniques might be best for a given player, but let’s discuss the range of options you should consider.


An ideal swing might be a fairly large loop which combines great acceleration with two straight arms at contact, maximizing power from both acceleration and leverage.

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Doug Eng, EdD PhD, CSCS is a USPTA- and PTR Master Professional, one of only 13 in the world. He has been named divisional pro of the year 2 times by each organization. He is a member of the USTA National Sports Science Committee and has interests in sport psychology, biomechanics and techniques, and strength and conditioning specifically for tennis. He is a Director at the Tennis Academy at Harvard, and has been a college coach for 16 years and has worked with dozens of ranked players.

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