Pro Strokes:
Alexander Zverev Serve

Analyzed by John Yandell

Are there technical reasons for Alexander Zverev's serving problems?

Alexander Zverev is a great player who at times appears to have a great serve. He blasts aces and first serve winners.

Other times he hits streams of double faults. In his lose to Andy Murray at the Western and Southern Open this year, he hit 10 aces but 10 double faults, including 5 doubles in his last 2 service games.

One theory is that his inconsistency is mental. Alexander himself has said his serving is better when his father and coach is happier. If that's true his father must have been really unhappy in New York.

But if we look closely at his technical motion, I think there is another explanation. Zverev has basic technical problems in his torso rotation that makes his motion different from other elite players.

Could Zverev Improve?

So what is going on and what specifically could Zverev do to improve his technique, assuming he actually had any interest? The problems are not dissimilar to those of another young Russian player whose serve we have analyzed, Andrei Rublev (Click Here.)

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