Drills for Developing Touch:
Part 5

Dave Hagler

Here are the last 3 drills in the series. In the next article I will show how to use touch to hit the drop shot two ways - including bouncing it back over the net to yourself.

Back to Self

Bump the ball up on either forehand or backhand, have it land slightly in front of you and bounce back to you. Repeat. To do this you need "forehandy" grips for backhands, and vice-versa.

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Dave Hagler is a Tennis Professional based in Los Angeles, California. He works with players of all ages, but he has a special passion for junior development. He has coached numerous sectionally and nationally ranked junior players and several national champions. Dave is a USPTA Master Professional and National Tester, a PTR Master of Tennis – Performance, and was one of the first 100 coaches to complete the USTA's High Performance Coaching Program. He has been the USPTA California Division Pro of the Year and one of 5 National Recipients of the “Pro of the Year” award from Head and the PTR.

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