The Serve Box:
6 Targets Game

Jorge Capestany

Every player knows they need to drill. But how do you optimize focus and benefit in the part of training that can be most tedious and boring? My answer is drill games. In this new series I am presenting a series of drill games covering every aspect of the game, starting with the serve.

This month we start with the 6 Targets Game. We divide each service box into thirds. That’s 6 boxes. The game is to see how many serves—first serves, then seconds—it takes to hit each box. This game quickly reveals the true amount of control over serve location the player has. And it gives them a way to measure improving each location.

Can you make 6 out of 6 boxes routinely? Many players find it can take twice or three times as many serves to hit all six boxes. You can also use pick any box where you struggle and hit 10 serves to that box. How many of 10 hit the box?

Work back and forth between the boxes. If you can routinely make all 6 in a row, that’s world class accuracy.

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Jorge Capestany is one of eleven people worldwide that have earned the distinction of Master Professional with the USPTA and International Master Professional with the PTR. Jorge is also a certified Mental Toughness Specialist through the Human Performance Institute based on the life work of the legendary Dr. Jim Loehr.

He is the founder of Capestany Tennis Inc. which runs tennis websites for players and coaches. His website TennisDrillsTV (Click Here) has thousands of subscribers in more than 65 countries worldwide and features over 1,000 videos of tennis drills that can be viewed online and also printed off in diagram form. His teaching website (Click Here) features free video lessons for players of all levels as well as a free Mental Toughness Video Course and eBook. Jorge is also the director of the Hope College Professional Tennis Management (PTM) program.

Jorge is a 6 time Michigan Pro of the Year and 2 time Midwest Pro of the Year. He is a member of the USPTA Midwest Hall of Fame and was named national pro of the year by the USPTA in 2015. Jorge’s programs have developed more than 180 High School State Tennis Champions in Michigan and Jorge has been the personal coach to many nationally ranked juniors in the US including three national champions. He speaks regularly at coaching conventions around the world.

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