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Advanced Tennis
John Yandell uses Advanced Tennis high speed digital video to take you inside the invisible world of pro tennis.

Stroke Archives
The next generation digital Stroke Archive: The top men and women. The best clips. Thousands of stroke images.

Famous Coaches
Robert Lansdorp, Rick Macci, Nick Bollettieri, Brett Hobden and many others share their vision only on Tennisplayer.

High Speed Stroke Archives
From Advanced Tennis Research, cutting edge super high speed video of the strokes of world's top players.

Science of Biomechanics
Pioneering researchers like Bruce Elliot and Brian Gordon are quantifying the fundamentals of the game for the first time.

Classic Lessons
Take a private lesson with some of the world's top working teaching pros, like Scott Murphy and Kerry Mitchell.

Tour Strokes
Find out how do the greatest players in the game produce their signature strokes: Agassi, Sampras, Federer, Haas and more.

Mysteries of the Heavy Ball
Does the mythical "heavy ball" actually exist? If so, what is it and what are the secrets to producing it yourself?

To hit the tennis ball, you have to get to the tennis ball. But how? Why is footwork still so controversial in tennis coaching?

Your Strokes
If a picture is worth 1000 words, how valuable is expert video analysis for your game? Every month we analyze Your Strokes.

The Mental Game
Tennis june be 90% mental. Train with experts like Alistair Higham, Jeff Greenwald, Dr. Jim Loehr, and Dr. Allen Fox.

Physical Training
Learn the cross training systems of the most knowledgeable experts like Pat Etcheberry and Dr. Paul Roetert.

Teaching Systems
A conceptual approach to game development from Welby Van Horn, David Hagler, John Yandell, and others.

Strategy and Statistics
Learn how geometry, patterns, and match statistics can determine who wins matches at the pro and the club level.

High Performance Development
Elite coaches explain how to maximize potential so players have fun, succeed, and learn a sport for life.

Point Patterns Archive
Study the point patterns of the greatest players in the world for yourself! Only on

Tour Portraits
Noted photographer J. Gregory Swendsen portraits of the great players. With more Portraits from Susan Kraft and Mark Dacunha.

Champions in Tennis History
How great were the past champions in tennis history? What was it like to actually play against them? With rare footage.

Notes on the Tour
What's really happening in the wide world of pro tennis? Who's on the way up--or down? Tennisplayer riffs on it all.

Tennis Music Videos
Can you absorb technique, rhythm and timing directly from watching the great players in the world? Find out.

Interactive Forum
Discuss the latest footage of the world's best players! Talk to our writers, sound off, or ask John Yandell a question!

Ultimate Tennis Links
Check out our collection of links related to every aspect of the game from news to equipment to instruction and more.