Maximizing Player and Coach Relationships: Part 2

Kyle LaCroix

Who are the coach and the player - as people?

In the first article in this series (Click Here) I presented some of the results from a study my company SETS did in conjunction with Stanford University. A key question was who the player and coach were as people, and another critical factor was their ability to communicate.

But now let's at a further vital factor, having a team concept. In great coaching the team, the athlete and the athlete's security, both mental and physical, came first. Great athlete coach relationships always have the coach working with the athlete, never for them.

The athletes always felt that the coach put them first in everything they did. The coaches never made themselves bigger than the game. They were first to give credit to the athlete after a win and the first to defend them after a loss.

As an athlete, it should provide comfort knowing your coach has your back. However, the one person that should believe in you more than a coach is yourself.

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Kyle LaCroix is a USPTA and PTR Certified Professional as well as receiving his United States Center For Coaching Excellence (USCCE) Certification. He has been a featured speaking at numerous Industry Conferences.

Kyle has experience working with ATP/WTA and NCAA collegiate players at each level of their competitive careers and at every stage of their professional and personal development. He is recognized throughout the industry as a reliable, hardworking, genuine presence. Kyle utilizes great people skills and is an exceptional communicator. He understands the important roles and responsibilities that federations, coaches and players carry with them on a daily basis.

He holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Stanford University

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