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Life in Miami
(and at the Miami Open)

John Yandell

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The stadium looks good on TV--and in person.

Really glad to have spent over a week at the Miami Open! Especially as the guest of Tennisplayer writer, noted Boca Raton tennis director, and bon vivant Kyle LaCroix. And more on that below, and why. But Miami couldn't be much more different than Indian Wells. No I mean literally it couldn't.

Even the people at IMG who own the tournament admit that Larry Ellison is kicking their ass. Every year more technology and better gardening in the desert.

Meanwhile the politics of Key Biscayne are keeping the Miami Open from making any upgrades, even small ones. There was some kind of public referendum in favor of improvements and that is now somehow blocked by a judge who apparently hates the event.

But if my sources, who will remain nameless, can be believed the tournament isn't going anywhere--despite the constant rumors that it is moving to South America or to Orlando or to China. Meanwhile the tournament is what is it--right there in Crandon Park, a public facility 50 weeks a year, on that narrow causeway on the way to the happy village of Key Biscayne.

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