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Pro Secrets of Cross Training

Stage 2: Building Endurance and Strength

Aerobic and Oncourt Training

Pat Etcheberry

Now that you have achieved a basic fitness level your training can move to Stage 2, designed to build endurance and strength.

Here the training becomes more intense. For the first time the program adds on court conditioning and movement exercise.

Again you will train a minimum of two days a week. The first day is aerobic training. In Stage 2 this also incorporates a series on court movement drills. The second day is strength or weight training.

As in the first stage, you can add two or even four additional days of training per week. That is, you can add one or two extra days of aerobic and on court work, and one or two extra days of strength training.

Tennis specific oncourt movement drills make the training in Stage 2 more intense.


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