Specific Strings for
Specific Players

A.J. Chabria

For intermediate players, Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex, or similar strings from other companies.

In the past handful of issues, we have had a good time exploring custom rackets (Click Here) and different string compositions (Click Here), and also how they can relate to arm health (Click Here). We have deliberately avoided commercializing things.

But this month, let’s have a look at some suggested products for various types of play. We will look at players in 4 categories.All brands generally carry something worthwhile, especially if you have a feel for what you’re after.

I am also including some tension ranges for typical players in these categories, having seen success with multiple case studies. These are just a jumping off point and you will have to experiment within the ranges to see what really works for you. My experience shows that feel, arm friendliness, and durability are all individual and can vary substantially.

Intermediate Players

First, female or male, intermediate level, with some propensity for arm trouble. A synthetic gut like the many knockoffs of Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex. Every company has it. Though it doesn’t retain higher tensions well, it feels great until it breaks. Examples: Babolat N.vy. Wilson, Head, and Dunlop synthetic gut.

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A.J. Chabria, has played, covered, and coached at circuit events all around the globe. After working for over 25 years as Head Pro and Tennis Director at historic clubs in Marin County and Dallas, he now coaches elite players and customizes frames for college, tour and club players. He also serves as a teacher and tester for the USRSA's Master Racquet Technician program. A board member of the Texas division of the USPTA, he is the liaison to the national office of the USPTA Foundation. He is the proud owner of a family vintage racquet collection which goes back three generations dating to 1905.

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