The World of Modern Strings

A.J. Chabria

Only the string bed touches the tennis ball.

The only part of the frame that touches the ball is the string. For this reason a friend and mentor of mine calls rackets “stringholders."

So you look inside your racket bag and there is a frame with a broken string, or you buy a new frame. I see potential. You have a vast number of stringing choices. (For my article on frames and customizing them, Click Here.)

But what does the universe of potential stringing look like? How do you evaluate which way to go? There are no absolute answers.

In this article I will outline the complex, often bewildering options and string combinations available to players today. Then in the next article I will make some specific recommendations for players at all levels of ability and experience. And discuss the vital topic of string choice and arm health.

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A.J. Chabria, has played, covered, and coached at circuit events all around the globe. After working for over 25 years as Head Pro and Tennis Director at historic clubs in Marin County and Dallas, he now coaches elite players and customizes frames for college, tour and club players. He also serves as a teacher and tester for the USRSA's Master Racquet Technician program. A board member of the Texas division of the USPTA, he is the liaison to the national office of the USPTA Foundation. He is the proud owner of a family vintage racquet collection which goes back three generations dating to 1905.

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