The Elements of Game Style

Nick Wheatley

Your game style: how you win points.

In the first two articles we looked at identifying your preferred shots (Click Here) and how to do a simple test based on this to determine if you are a right side or left side player (Click Here.)

So if you have been following these articles, you now know your top shot, your set up shot, your other fav shots, your secondary shot, your preferred side, and you understand the nuances of decision making for hitting crosscourt versus down the line.

This understanding in the basis for identifying your game style. This goes beyond shots and patterns and asks the question how do you win points?

This is another critical piece of knowledge for developing the ability to make the marginal gains that can help you win close matches. To do this run through the following questions.

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Nick Wheatley is an LTA Performance Coach and head coach at Hawker Tennis in south west London. His junior teams, the Hawker Jets, have won 44 competitions since formation, and over the last 2 years alone, his junior players have won 19 singles tournaments between them at county level.

He has been ranked in the top 75 nationally in 35 and over singles and in the top 5 in Surrey county. Nick has done video analysis for numerous players at all levels, including former British Top 10 player Marcus Willis.

His unique teaching video series, covering every aspect of the game, is available on his website

You can also contact Nick directly via the homepage of his website.

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