Golden Move #11: The Mogul Move
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Golden Move #11:
The Mogul Move

David Bailey

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You may have heard the term in skiing - how skiers move to the outside to make tough turns and stay balanced. Here is how the concept of the outside weight moves applies in tennis when players are moving wide in the court.

It's not about getting stationary at the hit - it's about moving through the hit and shifting the weight out over the outside foot—and then smoothly and seamlessly getting back toward the center. See the patterns demonstrated by David and skilled players he has worked with and learn how to improve your court coverage and the speed of your movement going wide.

David Bailey is a native Australian who has spent 15 years studying tennis at the professional level. He has developed a new language for one of the most complex and misunderstood aspects of the game, footwork and court movement. David has worked with world class players and coaches, national tennis associations and top academies, and has presented at coaching seminars around the world. His teaching system, the Bailey Method, has become a regular part of the coaching curriculum at the Nick Bollettierri Tennis Academy, where it is personally endorsed by Nick

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