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David Bailey
Advanced Moves
Inside Forehands - NEW

David Bailey
The 12 Golden Moves
An Overview
Twelfth Golden Move: The Power Move
Golden Move 11: The Mogul Move
Golden Move 10: Closed Backhand Pivot
Golden Move 9: One Foot Pivot
Golden Move 8: Two Foot Pivot
Golden Move 7: Reverse Spin
Golden Move 6: Low Spin
Golden Move 5: The Loaded Transfer
Golden Move 4: The Back Foot Hop
Golden Move 3: The Lateral Hop
Golden Move 2: The Front Foot Hop
Golden Move 1: The Step Down
Introduction to the 12 Golden Moves

David Bailey
World Class Movement
The Contact Moves Revisited: Counter Attacking
The Contact Moves Revisited: Building Points
Attacking Contact Moves

David Bailey
Contact Moves: Return of Serve
Rally Returns: Low Spin
Rally Returns
Defensive Returns
Aggressive Returns
The Contact Moves

David Bailey
Contact Moves: Ground Strokes
The Step Down
The Transfer
The Front Foot Hop
The Spin Moves
The Pivot Moves
The Power Move
The Mogul Move

Pat Dougherty
Hitting on the Run
The Athletic Foundation
Advanced Reaction Steps
Lateral and Forward Movement

Bob Hansen
Court Movement: The Volley
Court Movement: The "Float" Move
The Forehand
The Backhand

Michael Friedman
Forward Flow
Step, Step, Rip !
More Step, Step, Rip!
The Ready Position
The Key to Quickness
The Hitting Stances